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Rachael is an amazing person. I met her in December 2010 and since then I have had several readings and Reiki sessions. She has taught me how to relax and be a more positive person. When I leave a Reiki session I feel like I am floating on a cloud. My friends and family have told me what a difference they see in me since I have been seeing Rachael. I look forward to each time I am going to see Rachael every session brings something new and exciting to my life and I love to share my experiences with all.
-Dawn Baker   
Rachael has helped the quality of my life through energy work, compassionate words, and a deep wisdom you might expect from older medicine woman. However, she is young and vibrant and willing to go the extra mile to help her clients. Rachael teaches amazing classes and performs group healing also that I enjoy participating in. The ripple effect of those sessions are helping this planet. I look forward to being tuned up by Rachael for many more years.
-Adam Berry  
When I first met Rachael, I knew instantly that she was special. She holds goodness in her that you want to be around. The first time Rachael placed her hands on me to heal, I felt the movement of stuck emotions begin to flow instantly. I have worked with her many times since and one specific example that comes to mind was about a gnawing ache I was feeling on my right side. It wasnt just my hip and lower back, but it also seemed to be in my shoulder and down my calf. When Rachael finished, the aches were gone and I felt balanced and joyful. Rachael is blessed with divine and powerful intuitive skills and the ability to deliver gorgeously healing energy. You will feel so much better when you spend time with Rachael and I for one, look forward to our next time together.
Debra Donnally
I have found Rachel Vespucci to be an extraordinary healer. Under her care, acute conditions are alleviated very quickly. She also identifies root causes and educates her clients on self-care and prevention. I experience waves of deep peace and well being from her treatments. Rachel’s clairvoyance enables her to quickly see and assess what is going on with a person, and to effectively work with the energy for rapid, often instant, healing. From what I’ve observed, she practices her art continually, day and night, always honing her skills. I also sense that she is very divinely guided. In her gatherings, she freely shares her methods, to help others realize their gifts and develop their healing abilities. She is a very loving, compassionate and caring individual. Thank you, Rachel!
I was led to meeting Rachael by my guides to progress in certain areas which has/is taking place. Rachael is a very very special and gifted spirit. Personally as many that meet Rachael are immediatey drawn to her immense light and feel past and/or present connections. I'm grateful for her friendship and seen and unseen help she readily gives to those in need..what ever Rachael ever needs from me if it came up is only a thought away!
 Rachael thank you so much for all your help. you have always been there for me to guide me. Your intuitive instinct and capability to see the future never fails! THANK YOU!...
Meetup Group Reviews
This meetup was warm and inviting involving a group of kindred spirits sharing their experiences and journey. I enjoyed the gathering and felt the light and energy as it washed over me throughout the night. Thanks for having me. :)
Completely blissed out last night, had an amazing time. Great vibe and energy from everyone, taking it into my week...mmmm!!!
Thanks rachael the evening was wondeful and thanks tommy for hosting! Your home is so warm and intimate, it was the perfect setting.....and who knew I would get a parting gift! haha
Much love peace & light
~ donna <3
Rachael and Thomas hit the ball out the park again. Everyone who attended was in perfect frequency it was beautiful. As I drove down cottage and pulled on the main road I could feel the energy from all plant life in the forest. I could feel the energy that bathes the planet that flows from the cosmos. When I a woke in the mooring I was still psychically wide open flowing at 100 percent. This was above and beyond what I really needed. To Rachael and Tommy thank you, this was very appreciated to all who attended being in your company was all my pleasure. Peace and Blessing to all of you and your families.
love James.
Reviews from Psychic Development Group
“ Intense ! ! ! ”
 Brendan on Feb 17, 2013.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ Informative and a good group of people! ”— debbie on Jan 5, 2013.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ As I mentioned above, sharing and developing the gifts that the universe has given us is beyond words. ”
  • Donna Werge on Dec 8, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ a great group of people..I will be back ”— Kim on Oct 6, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ Everything I thought it would be and more. I just loved being in everyones presence. ”
  •  Christian Belfiore on Sep 15, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ This group is becoming a great spiritual community, and also a way to network with fellow Lightworkers. People are even receiving affordable care for disease-prevention. We work together to balance the energetic systems of the human body (proven and measured through science and even visably shown through Kirlian photography). 
  • ”— Adam Berry on Aug 27, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ Is always great to share this meeting with such great people ”— Yamileth on Aug 25, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ What an eclectic mix of like minds, all on a journey toward the spiritual bliss that resides within each of us. ”— Gary Wack on Aug 24, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ a group that is definitely required for those that want to enhance their abilities and spiritual growth ”— John Balazinski on Jun 24, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ Genuine people with good information and a positive attitude. I would recommended it highly to anyone interested in learning about or developing their psychic energy! ”— Noelle on May 5, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ it was my first meet up with the group and everyone was very nice and welcoming. i am looking forward to going to other meetups. ”— jason burke on May 5, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ Rachel has some great information and energy. Look forward to learning from her. ”— Lois Ann on Mar 4, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ amazing!!!!!great class last night to,,  Thomas J Lynch on Mar 3, 2012.
  • Psychic Energy Share and Development “ i think i have a long way before i could hold someone's hand and sense something about that particular person, ...but i'm so grateful for the group for sharing their thoughts and experiences with the group. ”— DENISE DOUGHERTY on Feb 4, 2012.
  • The meeting was very nice, great energy from the host (Rachael) and our members. As usual Rachael was able to give me a key piece of information I needed for a psychic project I'm working with thank again. It is always my pleasure spending positive energy filled time with present members and meeting new ones. I look forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting. May all of the Psychic Energy Family meet up be blessed. James
    I had a great first experience going to this group.. Everyone is so nice and so advanced! I have to practice more with meditation and visuals to have deeper experiences like the rest of the people in the group.. but I will do that and be back!  danielleI
    I had such a fantastic time with a group of great people. Looking forward to focusing on the information I received and trying to develop it more. Can't wait for next time! · Christen Nicole
  • I was very hesitant about learning about my past lives. I thought my current life was confusing enough. After I attended this meetup; I received alot better understanding of how and why it is important.Deep,deep stuff ! ! ! Brendan
  • The energy was high tonight. I felt the vibration of space and time as it enveloped me, even from the very beginning. My visions came as many and were also intense and prolific in their calm and embrace. I felt the spirit tonight and my soul engorged on it's beauty. Thank you for an enlightening evening. · Gary Wack
  • a blast from the past.Kenneth Hahn
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