I am holistic intuitive energy healer, spiritual teacher, conscious intuitive, light worker and very in tuned to reading the human aura.  I use my inner knowing and the guidance of SPIRIT to help others on their paths of enlightenment. I believe we are all Divine beings, born with amazing intuitive gifts.


Sylvie Michela

I am an intuitive empath, who will guide you to find your inner peace, self fulfillment, and contentment based on the messages I receive through your emotional self and passed spirits. Every spirit has the potential to accomplish great things in their lifetime. My mantras are eliminating delusion and concentrating on nurturing all aspects of your heart and third eye chakras. In your session, I will guide your emotions towards their self fulfilling light path.  I channel these messages through conversation, creative arts, meditation, crystal healing, writing, crystal singing bowls, nutritional recipes, and the art of gift giving. You will be given a symbol from me that is personalized for your journey. At times, I am called upon by Rachael to help read a persons aura through their emotions so she can continue their personal growth process using her unique healing gifts.  Follow me on Instagram HERE



Michelle Bloch

I am a writer whose words are conceived by the presence of visual content. Sometimes this content is comes into my mind through spirit, and as if translated, exits out through my pen.  In this way, I am able to capture a person's journey into self through vivid imagery in prose. My personal writing has always come through spirit. I like to think my muse is perched upon my shoulder, whispering the words that flow through my fingers.  I am pleased to be able to share my muse and my gift of automatic writing.