My name is Rachael, and I am holistic intuitive energy healer, spiritual teacher, conscious intuitive, light worker and very in tuned to reading the human aura.  I use my inner knowing and the guidance of SPIRIT to help others on their paths of enlightenment. I believe we are all Divine beings, born with amazing intuitive gifts. I also feel, to awaken and develop our intuitive side is not something we need to learn, for it is already part of who we are. It just needs to be remembered. When we practice how to quiet our mind, connect with our stillness, and open our hearts, we allow our spirit to bring forward other aspects of ourselves that are waiting to connect with us.


When we raise our vibration, whether achieved through spiritual practice or even spiritual awakening, we begin to experience new levels of consciousness. At this time I can assist in the process of helping you develop your intuitive gifts by accessing and discovering your triggers. There is nothing to learn, just to give intention. For me, I was always searching for the answers to all the questions I had, looking for the key words that would match up to my experiences. I always felt others reached for the experience and I was always just searching to understand it. I have learned so much through all my own experiences and feel I could bring great knowledge and understanding to you.


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